Regular Transaction

We accept cash transaction on product delivery in our office premises.

Cheque or Pay Order
Bank Cheque or Pay Order is accepted only after it is honored and fully deposited to our account.

Mobile Phone Payment
Payment is to be made from any personal BKash account/merchant account.
Note: 1.5% charge applicable for BKash payment. 2.5% deduction is applicable to amount (full/partial) for the purchases by credit card.

Credit or Debit Card
Credit/Debit card accepted for payment in our office premises. 2.5% charge will add.

Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)
Bank to Bank electronic fund transfer is available from following Banks.
Our City Bank Account : Account Name : SIC | Account Number : 1402688425001 | Kawran Bazar Branch

For any clarification please call +88 01533-217373

Ecommerce Transaction

Bkash : 1.5% charge applicable

Our Bkash Merchant Account: 019888-90099 (SIC)